3 Protective Steps To Reduce Stress On Old Pipes

When you live in an older home, chances are things get worn out more easily. This can result in extensive repairs often, which can be a real nightmare for homeowners and renters alike. As plumbing pipes become old, several things can go wrong and leaks will occur. But just because your pipes are getting old doesn't mean that a leak is inevitable. Follow these protective steps to reduce stress and possibly prevent leaks from occurring.

Bring Down Water Pressure From All Your Taps

High water pressure may feel amazing in your shower but you may want to reduce this pressure from other taps in your home. High water pressure can have an impact on your pipes because of the force of gushing water into them, which can cause cracks and holes over time, eventually resulting in leaks. Plumbers can check the water pressure and lower it by using a regulator if it is found to be too high. This could be done by using low-flow taps and shower heads, which don't reduce pressure but control how water gushes out of the tap, ensuring less stress on your home's pipes.

Keep A Check On The Quality Of Water

Sometimes the quality of water that comes into your home could put stress on the pipes, especially if the water is hard because it could cause mineral deposits to build up over time. While most metropolitan cities have soft water, rural parts and smaller towns may have hard water. Some of the signs of hard water include rings around bathtubs, white deposits on taps, stiff fabric, and soap that's hard to lather. You may be able to get a water softener installed to remove these deposits from the water to reduce stress on pipes.

Get Your Pipes Periodically Checked To Ensure They Remain Secure

Sometimes pipes show signs of giving way, so you'll want to tackle them before they become a real problem. Your plumber should periodically inspect old pipes to ensure they remain secure and undamaged. For example, joint compound sealing the pipe together can sometimes loosen over time, which could result in a leak. A plumber will re-seal this compound during a periodical inspection to stop the leak.  This preventive step undertaken in a timely manner will help to prevent major damage that could be caused by a leaking pipe.

Old pipes don't always have to be a cause for worry, especially if you follow these preventive steps to reduce stress on them.

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