5 Signs of a Plumbing Blockage

Clogs in home plumbing systems often develop slowly, gradually restricting the flow of waste water from your home. If you do not deal with a blockage in time, you could end up dealing with some very unpleasant consequences, such as a burst pipe or a toilet that overflows all over the bathroom when you flush. Here are a few early warning signs of an upcoming plumbing emergency.

1. Slow Draining

Water taking a long time to drain from sinks, showers or bathtubs can be an early symptom of a plumbing blockage. Sometimes, the blockage is localised to a single bathroom or kitchen drain, in which case you might be able to remove the source of the clog using a drain snake or drain cleaner. However, if you notice slow-draining water in several parts of your home, it is likely that you have a clog forming deeper in your plumbing system, which will need attention from a professional plumber.

2. Backflow

If you see water bubbling up from your sink, shower or bathtub drains when you run the water elsewhere in your home, call a plumber right away. Backflow is a sign of a blockage deep inside your home's plumbing. If you ignore it, the problem could get worse. If the pipe that takes waste water from your toilet becomes blocked, it could lead to raw sewage bubbling up into your bathtub. Take action right away to prevent this unpleasant outcome.

3. Gurgling or Bubbling Toilet

Backflow can also occur in the toilet bowl. In this case, you might notice your toilet gurgling or bubbling after water flows into a drain elsewhere in the home. A plumber can locate the clog and remove it to make your toilet quiet again.

4. High Water Level in the Toilet

When flushing the toilet, take note of how high the water rises in the bowl. If you notice the water coming much higher up the bowl than usual, this could be a sign that the pipe that takes waste from the toilet is partially blocked. Using a plunger on the toilet might help, but in many cases you will need to call a plumber to fully resolve the problem.

5. Foul Smell

Blocked drains can make your home smell terrible. When dirty water cannot efficiently drain away from your property, it becomes stagnant in the pipes, allowing bacteria to thrive. These bacteria produce a smell similar to that of bad eggs. If your home smells especially eggy, call a plumber who can investigate for you.

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