Electrician or Plumber? Know Who to Call for Your Hot Water System Problems

A hot water service system uses both electrical and plumbing mechanisms. Therefore knowing who to call when there is a problem can be confusing. Below are 5 common problems that you might encounter with your hot water service system, and who to call when they arise.

No Heating

The hot water service system may not efficiently heat for two reasons. There might be power shortage, or the electrical connection might be faulty. If you have electricity but the water still doesn't get heated, you might have to call the electrician. There might be a lose wire, a damaged wire or a destroyed fuse. Whatever the reason, an electrician is the best person to handle this.


You might notice that no matter the settings you put in the temperature indicator, the water is overly hot. This is usually a problem with the electrical connectivity where the temperature control or thermostat are malfunctioning. Getting electrical help as soon as possible is advised. But before you conclude that there is a problem, check the pressure release valve of your hot water service system. It should be properly functioning for excess steam to be able to escape.

Coloured water

Sometimes you may open your shower and notice that hot water is dirty or stained. Most times this is an indication of rust in the hot water service tank or pipes. Continued use of these pipes can lead to water and food contamination which is harmful to your health. Do not ignore the coloured water especially if it recurrent. Call a professional plumber immediately and have them advice you on the way forward.

No Water

What happens when you step into the shower, turn on the hot water tap and nothing comes? You may think that there is a water shortage but most often than not, there could be a pipe clog. Blockages can be caused by hair, pet fur or solid objects that accumulated inside the pipes. Get fast and reliable help from a trusted plumber as soon as you notice this problem.

Tank leakage

Unnoticed leakage can cause a lot of damage to your house and family. For starters, the place where the leaking water drops will become damp. If your floors are made of wood, you may notice rotting or breakage. A leaking tank also means water wastage which will be reflected on your utility bills. Lastly leaking water might destroy wires or electrical gadgets including the hot water service system itself. A plumber is the best person to check and correct this error.

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