Why You Should Choose Stainless Steel Products for Your New Kitchen Operation

If you're getting close to opening a brand-new restaurant and kitchen, you'll be getting more excited by the day. You're in the middle of fitting out the property with appliances, plumbing features, furniture and fixtures and must pay particular attention to the kitchen. This is where all the magic happens, and it has to be not just functional but spotlessly clean. As you want to get rave reviews from customers and hygiene inspectors alike, you'll be thinking hard about plumbing and drainage and wondering what type of hardware material to buy. In short, should you opt for ceramic or stainless steel?

Weighing the Options

For many years now, designers have used porcelain and ceramic products to create a variety of plumbing items for the restaurant industry. These can include sinks, drains and grates, and the material is very functional. However, it has its drawbacks, and many people have opted for stainless steel instead in this situation.

Porcelain Drawbacks

While porcelain can be durable, it's fragile and can be easily damaged. It may retain water well, but it is porous and can be difficult to clean. You may find that cracks and chips develop and, when this happens, the affected area can become tarnished and lose its colour. Once this happens, it is very difficult to restore properly, and the entire unit may need to be replaced. Remember, that bacteria can hide within any difficult to reach places and this is the last thing you want in a restaurant kitchen.

Superior Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is very easy to clean and is, as such, the best option from a sanitary perspective. It's very resistant to corrosion due to a protective film across its surface and even if it does become damaged, is relatively easy to fix. You will find that it stands up to hot temperatures effectively, unlike porcelain which has that element of fragility. Over the lifetime of your kitchen equipment, stainless steel will be far more cost-effective and will have lower maintenance costs.

Drains and Grates

Make sure you use stainless steel for your drain inserts and protective grates and get them installed correctly. You must set them at such an angle to ensure complete drainage during cleaning activities so that they naturally dry overnight. If a drain harbours any residual water this can be a breeding ground for bugs.

Are You Ready?

Make sure you add stainless steel products to your final shopping list as you get ready for the big day, and you can launch your career as a restaurateur in style. Contact companies like HYDRO CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS for more information.

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