3 Signs You Need to Consider Replacing the Pipes in Your Home

Replacing the pipes in your home is an expensive job. Because of the cost involved, many homeowners are incredibly reluctant to have the pipes in their home replaced. However, in the long run, the cost of the damage caused by a failing plumbing system may exceed the cost of remedying the problem before things become too serious. Below is a guide to 3 warning signs that the plumbing system and pipes in your home need to be replaced. If you notice any combination of these signs in your home, you should seriously consider calling in a professional plumbing service.

Discoloured or foul-smelling water

Perhaps the first warning sign you will notice when the network of pipes in your home begins to fail is that the water which comes out of the taps is a strange colour or that it produces a foul-smelling odour. The primary cause of discoloured or bad-smelling water is rust within the water pipes. As fresh water travels along the pipe, it dislodges rust from the interior of the pipe, which then dissolves into the water, causing bad smells and discolouration.

Noise and vibration

If the pipes in your home produce loud and unusual noises when they are in use or if they excessively vibrate, this is a sign that the water pipes are in need of replacement. Sounds and vibration are often caused by old pipes which are no longer being held in place by their brackets due to corrosion.

Loss of water pressure

If the water pressure in your home is inconsistent, it can be highly annoying. For example, you may be trying to take a shower when the water starts to drip rather than blast from the shower head. Or, you may find that it takes a very long time to fill the kitchen sink when you want to wash some dishes. Loss of water pressure is often caused by old pipes which have sprung a leak. As the water leaks out of the pipe, the entire plumbing system begins to depressurise. The leak from the pipe can also cause considerable damage to your property. If you have persistent problems with low water pressure, it is best to call in a plumber so they can carry out an assessment and repair.

If you would like further advice and information about the pipes in your home, you should contact a plumber at your local plumbing service today.

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