4 Items You Didn't Know Can Clog Your Pool Pump Basket

If you have noticed your pool water turning green, this is an indication that your pool pump might not be properly functioning. One of the reason pool pumps stop working is because of a clogged pump basket. Below is a list of 4 common things that most people don't know can clog their pool pumps.


Leaves, twigs and small branches are among the top culprits when it comes to the damage of pool pumps. If your pool is located in a place surrounded by trees, then constant manual cleaning is a must. Although the work of the pool pump is to filter the water, manual removal of the fallen leaves will go a long way in reducing the chances of clogging the pump's basket.

When the leaves are passing through the pool pump's system, they might get broken and shredded into smaller pieces which when reaching to the basket, clog up the basket holes. This makes it hard for other objects to be filtered therefore making the filtering process insufficient.


Soil can find its way into the pool via few ways. One of them being gardening practices around the pool. Rain water can also wash over and into the pool carrying with it soil particles. When the soil particles accumulate inside the pool pump's basket, they begin to take up the spaces of the basket's mesh. Without regular emptying and cleaning of the pool pump's basket, the pool water will soon get dirty making it unsuitable for use. You can prevent soil from going into the pool pump by not having a garden too close to the swimming pool.


Small insects, both flying and crawling can clog the pump's basket when they get sucked in by the pumps. There is really no way to keep off bugs from the pool unless you install a shade over and around it. The only other option is by having the pool indoors. However, you can minimize bug infestation by regularly cleaning the swimming pool, ensuring the alkalinity is at the right level and not growing plants near the swimming pool.


In as much as it is fun to play in the pool, leaving the toys inside the water can cause damage to your pool pump. Not only can the toys clog the pool pump's basket, they can also stop the movement of the pump's motor. Ensure that you take out all toys before you turn on the pump for filtering.

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