What Scenarios Will Warrant Emergency Plumbing Services?

Nobody wants to be faced with a plumbing emergency. The inconvenience that they cause and possible evacuation from the residence is not something many people want to endure. Regardless, some people tend to overlook some plumbing problems with the hope that they will resolve with some DIY fixes. However, not every plumbing problem can be discounted. In some situations, it is critical to enlist emergency services immediately to prevent substantial losses.

If you are unsure about what may constitute an emergency, read on for scenarios that will warrant the immediate attention of a plumber.

A burst pipe

Unfortunately, encountering a burst pipe is one of the most common plumbing emergencies that households are at risk of. The reason behind this is that older homes will typically have piping hardware made from iron. Although this was the conventional material to use decades ago, iron eventually succumbs to corrosion. Over time, the pipes develop holes, and if not repaired, the pipe will eventually break. Thus, if you live in a house that is several decades old, it is likely that you will develop this problem.

However, most homeowners tend to think that this will not happen to them and subsequently do not look to have their piping either replaced or relined. If your plumbing does develop a burst pipe, it is vital to seek immediate emergency plumbing services.

Backed up drains

Another plumbing problem that is often overlooked by some people is drains that are backed up. When this issue affects your plumbing, you will find that water takes much longer to drain down your sinks or tub. In addition to this, you may notice foul odours permeating your home, and the stench will be particularly pungent around your drainpipes. Backed up drains are typically caused by blockages in the plumbing. If these clogs are not professionally eliminated, there will be increased pressure within the pipes, and this can lead to a burst pipe.

Furthermore, backed up drains could also come about when sewage starts to make its way up your plumbing. Resultantly, your sinks will potentially be a hazard to your health as microbes, bacteria and other pathogens are dispersed into your home.

Outdoor flooding

If your yard is continually wet and it is not the rainy season, you should be wary of a plumbing emergency on your hands. In this scenario, there is a good chance that one of your underground pipes has been compromised, usually through root intrusion. An emergency plumber should look at any unexplained moisture in your yard, as you may be in dire need of pipe replacement.  

If you're not sure whether or not you need an emergency plumber, it's still ideal to call someone in to prevent the problem from getting worse. Contact services such as Sam's Local Plumbing to ensure your needs are met.

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