Do Home Fixes for Blocked Drains Really Work?

Virtually every home will have a blocked drain at one time or another, and some blockages can be addressed by a homeowner rather than having to call a plumber. However, not all home remedies and tools actually work for blocked drains, and some amateur fixes can even damage plumbing pipes. Note a few tips on the home fixes you might try when a plumbing pipe or drain is blocked and what fixes you'll actually want to avoid.

Baking soda and vinegar

When you combine baking soda and vinegar, these two substances create a thick, fizzy foam. This home fix is often used for blocked drains, as that foam can sometimes move solid matter through a pipe, clearing out a clog. 

You might try this combination for a shower or sink drain, using a plunger to help clear the clog, and running lots of hot water to push solid matter through. However, it's good to start with just a small amount of baking soda and vinegar, so you don't have a huge foamy mess all over the bathroom or kitchen floor!


Plumbing snakes can help to clear a clog, but note that you want to use an actual snake and not a homemade tool, such as a wire coat hanger that you straighten out and poke into a drain or toilet! You also don't want to use an oversized snake for a clog, as this can actually cause the snake itself to get stuck. If you're not sure the right size snake to use and how to use it correctly so that you dislodge a clog without damaging plumbing pipes, avoid using this tool altogether and have a plumber address the blockage.

Removing pipes and traps

If a shower drain is blocked, you might unscrew the trap over that drain and see if there is a lot of hair that is causing a clog or backup. If a kitchen sink is clogged, you can easily remove the curved pipe under the sink and empty out excess food debris. 

However, it's never good to try to remove any other pipes or plumbing pieces in the family home, thinking you can find a clog and address it on your own. If you were to replace a pipe at an incorrect angle, you might cause more clogs to form over time. You might also fail to tighten connectors properly, so that they leak or become corroded. If other home fixes don't address a blocked drain, call a plumber rather than trying to disassemble plumbing pipes.

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