Can the Plumbing System in Your Older Home Really Cope with Your Plans?

If you think that all new homes look alike and that they lack a certain amount of character, you may have hunted high and low for a period property instead. Now that you have found such a place and may have picked it up at a bargain price, you have to get ready for some renovation. If this home is still original in many respects, you will certainly need to pay attention to its plumbing, if you're going to avoid any future problems and expect modern-day convenience. Where should you start, however?

Upgrades May Be Necessary

In days gone by, Australians may well have lived a simpler life. This was reflected in their homes to a large extent, especially when it came to convenience. For example, they may have built a three-bedroom home that only had one proper bathroom, while today this would be unheard of. While you may be making plans to change this, you will also need to upgrade the basic plumbing system if it is to cope.

Pipe Corrosion

The system in your home is probably based on the use of galvanised pipes, as this used to be widespread. With time, these pipes will have started to corrode, and a previous owner may have "patched" certain parts accordingly. Nevertheless, you can expect problems from day one with a system like this as many of the pipes will have rusted internally. You can tell whether this is the case by simply turning the water on and having a look at the pressure. If it's very lethargic, you will probably need to replace the entire installation.

What about the Sewer?

Next, have a look at the drainage to see how effective the sewer system is. Remember, your responsibility goes all the way to the property line, so you will have to consider external piping as well. Foraging tree roots may well have broken older sewer lines, as some of them were very brittle to begin with and made from clay. But even if your home is relatively advanced and the pipes underneath were made from cast iron, these will probably have corroded.

Retaining the Look

Remember, you don't have to introduce a modern aesthetic to your period home if you don't want to. Many of the latest plumbing fixtures have a "retro" style that would probably fit just as well. At the same time, they will be very efficient and can help you to save on your water bill.

Getting It Done Properly

To make sure that you do this job properly and avoid any issues in the future, always engage a local plumber for such a large project.

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