Important Tips when Hiring a Plumber.

A plumber is a person specialising in the installation, maintenance and repair of plumbing systems. He or she is concerned with repairs or installations of gutters, faucets, piping systems and various other water, gas or heating systems in a building.

Once hired the plumber has to interpret the blueprints of a house to know the best ways to conduct piping. He or she then conducts a diagnosis to detect leakages and then utilises various plumbing equipment to conduct the required works.

If you are looking for a plumber the following is a short guide that can help you.


A plumber with a good reputation earns a client's trust and confidence. You can ask friends and family to recommend plumbers they have used before or look them up on the internet and find a plumber with positive reviews.

Choose between independent plumbers and companies.

A tough choice you will have to make is whether to hire an individual or a company. A plumbing company may have a lot of positive reviews but the plumber sent to your home may not reflect the company's reputation. On the other hand, independent plumbers may not have equipment and manpower required to handle large plumbing jobs.

Interview the plumber.

Visit or call the plumber to know whether they can handle the required plumbing works. Some plumbers specialise in specific systems. For instance, there are plumbers that deal with heating systems exclusively. Your choice of plumber has to specialise in the plumbing works you want done. Another consideration is the qualifications and experience of the plumber. An experienced plumber may be more suitable to handle complex installations and repairs as opposed to one that has little experience.

Personal qualities.

The character of the plumber is another factor that should influence your choice of plumber. A good plumber should be an excellent communicator and should show sufficient understanding of the task at hand. Further, the plumber should possess adequate analytical skills in order to detect problems and interpret a building's blueprints.


Before hiring a plumber, inquire on how much the works will cost. Also, ask if there are any additional costs that you will incur. If the plumber charges hourly, ask him or her to draw a work plan or tell you how much time they will take to conduct the repairs.

When choosing a plumber, consider their reputation, qualifications, personality and cost. You also have to decide whether the works are better handled by a company or an individual.

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