3 Drain Clogs Common in Winter and How to Deal with Them

Winter is soon approaching, and with it comes a unique set of plumbing issues in the home: clogged drains, blocked hot water systems and vent pipe clogs. Malfunctioning plumbing systems in the winter can lead to a lot of misery because repairs are harder than in the summer. Plumbers advise to have your systems checked before the cold of the winter begins. Learn the three drain clogs common in the winter and how to deal with them.

1. Clogs in the Vent Pipes

Vent pipes are installed to bring air into the drainage system and remove sewer gases from the house. The air which flows into the house through these pipes creates the atmospheric pressure balance, which facilitates the flow of the solid and liquid waste into the sewer. When the vents clog, the flow is affected, and the entire drainage system will act as if it is blocked. Vent pipes can be blocked by ice, dry leaves and other debris. You can avoid drainage blockages by unclogging the vent pipes before winter begins, and by ensuring ice cannot accumulate and block them.

2. Clogs Caused by Debris in the Drainage Pipes

Washing debris such as soap, scum and hair down the drain is also a common cause of blocked drains. These collect faster in the pipes in the winter than in the summer. Similarly, grease tends to stiffen into bigger clogs in the winter than it does in the summer. Pouring hot water over the pipes helps to dislodge these clogs. However, being mindful over what you pour down the drain, especially in the cold weather, will keep your vents unclogged throughout the winter.

3. Clogs caused by ice frozen in the pipes

Water freezing inside the pipes also wreaks havoc on plumbing systems in the winter. Freezing happens in areas where temperatures fall below zero degrees. One way to deal with freezing is pouring hot water over the pipes. You can also raise the temperature settings in the thermostat, especially in the coldest rooms inside the house.

The best way to deal with common winter drain clogs is by preventing them before they occur. Call in a plumber this autumn, and make sure that all your drains, plumbing vents and other parts of the plumbing system have been checked for faults and repaired on time. You will not suffer common winter inconveniences and incur unnecessary costs when timely repairs are done.

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