3 Simple Ways to Bid Blocked Drains Goodbye in Your Home

Blocked drains are a nuisance that no homeowner wants to deal with or even think about. However, drains get clogged or blocked sometimes and inconvenience the homeowner in a big way. 

Although some drains get blocked due to some inevitable causes like storms and floods, other drains get clogged when you ignore some simple preventive measures. If you don't want to fix clogged drains often, see what you should do.

Install a High-Quality Mesh Screen

Hair also blocks the drains, but most homeowners don't consider it a major culprit. Although hair might fall when taking a shower, you can prevent it from getting into the shower drain. Just get a good mesh screen over the shower drain so that the hair doesn't get into the drain. When hair accumulates in the drain, it forms hairballs that eventually clog it. 

Mesh screens are readily available, inexpensive and effective preventive measures. These screens aren't just installed over the shower drains; you can install them over the sink drains in your kitchen. For the mesh screens to be more effective in trapping hair and other wastes, you should remove and clean them regularly.

Clean the Drains Regularly

Most homeowners think that they should clean the drains only when the drains are clogged, but this perception is wrong. Even if the drains aren't blocked, they still need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Drains, whether blocked or not, should be part of the cleaning routine in your home. 

If the drains aren't cleaned regularly, you will always have some irritating clogs to fix. Although you may use hot water, baking soda or vinegar to prevent annoying clogs, it's advisable to hire a plumber regularly to clean and maintain your drains.

Get a Caddy Bin for the Oils and Fats

If you always allow your family members to pour the fats and grease in the sink drain, you will always have some clogs to handle. When the oils and fats get into the drains, they stick to the walls of the drainage pipes, solidify and eventually block them. 

The drains might even get blocked quite fast when other wastes stick to these oils or grease. Instead of flushing the greasy wastes down the drain, dispose them of in a disposable caddy bin. If you can't get a disposable waste bin, try to use a fat trap.

If you have always thought that clogged drains are inevitable, you now understand that it's easier to avoid them. With a disposable bin in your house, a mesh screen over the drains and a drain cleaning routine, you will bid blocked drains goodbye.

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