Factors That Influence the Cost of Your Residential Hot Water System Installation

Looking to install a new hot water system for your home? From cooking to cleaning to bathing, hot water has many uses in the home. However, the cost of water heater installation is a concern for homeowners and it varies from home to home depending on a variety of factors. 

There is more to water heater installation costs than just the cost of water heater purchase. Outlined below are the main variables that determine how much you may need to pay to have your hot water system installed. 

Water Heater Type

There are many different types of water heaters in today's market. The major water heater types are gas, electric, heat pumps, and solar water heaters. Each hot water system has a unique style and configuration that impacts the amount of work that goes into installing it. Solar water heaters, for example, require the installation of solar collectors, which can add to their installation costs considerably.

Gas water heaters may be an affordable choice for homes with an existing gas supply, but they may cost more to install in homes that don't have a connection to a local gas supply line. The extra cost of getting a gas supply in a property may drive up the cost of water heater installation considerably. Consider the costs associated with the installation of each water heater type before making a final decision.

Water Heater Size

Water heater sizes vary depending on the quantity of hot water they are expected to provide. The greater the amount of hot water needed, the larger a water heater should be. Generally, larger water heaters cost more to install than smaller ones. Expect to pay more for your water heater installation if you have a big family.

Water Heater Location

Where your central water heating equipment and delivery systems are going to be placed will also impact the cost of your installation job. The more difficult it is to access these areas, the more time it will take to complete your job. As a result, you will be charged more if your water heater needs to be located in hard-to-reach areas of your home.

As already pointed out, the cost of installing a hot water system depends on many variables. The best way to know how much your water heater installation project will cost is to consult a hot water system installation company beforehand. They may come to your home to assess the job and provide you with a detailed quote.

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